Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Humanistic values

- Holistic perspectives
- Culture is important
- Human rights are global
- Beyond technical and industrial innovation

Humanistic values, in Swedish:

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Who are your target users?

For example. Is your target users webdesigners? Do you think that all of them are fully funtional? None has any hearing or sight disability, nor dyslexia or cognitive impairment? 

Think again:

"For me being online is everything. It's my hi-fi, my source of income, my supermarket, my telephone. It's my way in."
Lynn Holdsworth, screen reader user, Web Developer and Programmer

"I think a blind designer is totally do-able. In my art class in college we had a blind sculptor and painter who did great work. A blind designer could use basic logic of CSS to design very functional and accessible sites. I think it's a great idea and goal."

"Actually, I've just been thinking again about this issue. Who is better qualified to design a site for someone with a VI? I'd say a designer with VI!" 

"But being disabled definately gives me a passion for accessiblity and by extension, usability too. So I would say that my disability has made me a better developer. Thats not to say of course that fully sighted people can't be be a lot better!"

Quotes from:
accessify forum

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Arranged collections

Arrangements of collections support people to make sense and enjoy collections. It is a kind of story telling.  It does not to concern only things, but also information.

Some collections are explicitly made to make it easier to make a envionmentally sustainable decision.

Gröna listan is another arranged collection (to find eko furniture and make environements accessible):

Normcritical design (in swedish)

En sajt med ett integrerat normkritiskt perspektiv
  • undviker att reproducera normer
  • ifrågasätter normer
  • synliggör både personer och grupper som befinner sig inom och utanför normen, inkluderar utan att fokusera på problem eller avvikelser
  • tar upp skillnader i förutsättningar för olika grupper där det är relevant
  • har alltid ett rättighetsperspektiv
  • främjar aktivt likabehandling genom ett respektfullt förhållningssätt gentemot målgruppen
  • låter andra typer av källor och kunskap än traditionellt vetenskapliga komma fram, som personliga erfarenheter, vardagskunskap
  • uppmanar användare att hjälpa till genom att skicka in kritik och synpunkter på sajtens innehåll.   

Examples of normcritical perspectices given by

the home as an biological machine....

A different perspective in understanding the kitchen environment. Almost like a living organism...

Sensing things? - testing is the future.

Multisensor handheld device:

Sensing what is on your plate:

Checking the quality of water:

Handheld biosensor:

Monday, May 26, 2014

Hands are different.

Lovely illustration of hands from Science fiction.
Imagine designing an interface that would fit all of these!
a variety of hands from sci fi